Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks, not really sure why other than so many things going on.  We went through two weeks of Phoenix feeling very sick and Scarlett away at camp.  It is funny because I think maybe Scarlett being away caused Phoenix to feel sick and I lost some of my inspiration for blogging!!  Well we also had a western party celebration for our uncle's 50th birthday as well as my nephew and daughter both turning 13!!  I also had a birthday and was able to get away for a couple of days, leaving Phoenix for the first time since he was born.  It was a great rest and long overdue.   In addition, my father's aunt, the matriarch on that side of the family passed away.  I went to the wake and watched her brother, my great uncle, say goodbye to his last sibling.  Sadly, being the youngest, he has buried all five of his siblings.  It was sad but wonderful to reminisce about the love they shared for years.  I also was able to spend some time with cousins I don't see as often as I'd like.  So  I am feeling so  many emotions these days and was overwhelmed by all that was going on.  I am happy to celebrate the lives of all my family that I love greatly.   Watching my uncle turn 50, someone who to me, along with his wife, my aunt, are eternally in their 20's caused feelings of melancholy.  Watching my daughter and my nephew, who were born a week apart, turn 13 was wonderful and scary all at once.  Watching my great uncle lose his last sibling made me see how fast time goes by and how each moment counts. 

Love to all those celebrating a milestone or holding on to memories of past milestones. 

Happy Birthday Scarlett!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy Birthday to our beloved Country
Here is wishing a year of peace
unity not separation
less natural disasters and
more natural wonders
less sorrow and more happiness
Happy Birthday America   

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Her blanket

Scarlett has a blanket since she was a baby that she continues to sleep with everyday and bring with her whenever she is away from home.  In fact, when she was about five years old,  after spending a few days in a hotel in Florida, on the way  hone Scarlett realized she did not have her blanket.  She cried for a good hour repeating "I love my blanket, I will never see it again!"  Luckily, we called the hotel and they were kind enough to have saved it and they shipped it to our home. 

For some reason a few weeks ago, Phoenix decided he was going to take ownership of the beloved blanket.  What ensued was days of the two of them playing tug of war with the blanket and hiding the blanket from each other.   Scarlett promised to buy Phoenix a new blanket and Phoenix promised to buy Scarlett a new blanket.  Each night since, Phoenix looks for the blanket before he goes to sleep.  

The other day Scarlett was packing to go away to camp.  She came out of her room with the blanket and gave it to Phoenix, "Here Phoenix, you can use it."  I was amazed and proud of her.  I'm sure she went to pack the blanket in her bag and when she thought of her brother she chose to consider him and put him first.  Since Scarlett left for camp Phoenix has not been feeling well.   He came down with a fever and a cough. 

However, the blanket is there to comfort him.

The only thing that put a small smile on his face is when I reminded him how much his sister loves him by sharing her blanket.