Monday, April 29, 2013

Love letters

More than kisses, letters mingle souls.

     So, I love today's technology.  How else can we do such things as blogging, video chatting with those far away, watching  any episode of a television show whenever we are free or instantly downloading a newly published book.    Yet, I do think texting and chatting and surfing continue to cause us to connect to each other less and less.   I have been thinking of the long forgottten practice of lettter writing.   It is hard enough today to have our children sit down to write a thank you note for a birthday present.  How about writing a letter to someone just to say hi or to say you are thinking about them.   How wonderful does it feel when we go to the mailbox and actually find a letter in the box!!  Our family is going to begin spending time each week( ok maybe every other week) sitting down to write someone a letter. 
     I created a letter box filled with note cards, stationary, pens, stamps and of course our address book.  My hope is just how we pull out our laptops, we can pull out our letter box and send love to someone.  I will tell you it was difficult to actually find stationary paper in the stores, but there are many free websites where you can download and print beautiful paper for free.  I have added a couple of the links below. 
      Let the letter writing begin.   Will you join us?

Our letter writing box


Links to free printable stationary

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