Wednesday, May 29, 2013

93 Days of Summer

  With June quickly approaching, thoughts of summer are with us.  There is so much we want to do this summer and the days always seem to go by so quickly.  There are 93 days of summer this year.  So here is our list of 93 fun things we hope to enjoy!

1.Celebrate the summer solstice
2. Feed the ducks
3.Go to a county fair
4.Watch fireworks
5.Bury each other in the sand
6.Grill lobster tails
7.Watch a sunrise
8.Watch a sunset
9.Paint an outdoor scene at a park
10.Eat cotton candy
11.Go to a drive-in movie
12.Ride bikes
13.Make homemade ice pops
14.Swim at a beach
15. Swim at a lake
16.Swim at a pool
17.Sing Happy Birthday to America on July 4
18.Hand wash the car(water fight time!)
19.Celebrate Scarlett's 13th birthday on July 20
20.Grow a garden
21.Celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 21
22.Have a lemonade sale
23.Buy lemonade from a lemonade sale
24.Make a fruit salad
25.Collect and paint rocks
26.Go on a hike
27.Sing camp songs around a bonfire
28.Take a nap outside
29.Eat watermelon
30.Go antiquing
31.Stay in pajamas all day
32.Make the kiddie pool a bubble bath outside
33.See an outdoor concert
34.Picnic outdoors
35.Picnic indoors on a rainy day
36.Go fishing
37.Make a sidewalk chalk masterpiece
38.Ride a roller coaster
39.Catch tadpoles
40.Make sun brewed iced tea
41.Visit the library
42.Go Geo caching
43.Host a family and friends barbecue
44.Read lots of books
45.Play flashlight tag
46.Visit a farmer's market(make dinner with only items we bought at the market)
47.Catch lightning bugs
48.Walk barefoot in the grass
49.Visit a museum
50.Have a family game night
51.Go berry picking
52.Get ice cream at an outdoor stand
53.Go to the zoo
54.Make Smores
55.Build something
56.Go rollerskating
57.Make popcorn for a movie night
58.Find a new playground to explore
59.Grill pizza
60.Take a boat ride
61.Make a pictures with beans
62.Send postcards about our summer to family and friends
63.Watch a baseball game
64.Make frozen pina coladas
65Visit a waterfall
66.Have a sleepover
67.Dance to our favorite summer song of 2013(yet to be determined)
68.Feed animals at a farm
69.Eat outside at a restaurant
70.Camp outside in a tent
71.Camp inside in a tent
72.Go on a road trip
73.Try a new fruit
74.Try a new vegetable
75.Stay in a hotel and order room service
76.Write a summer poem
77.Play in the sprinkler
78.Explore a nearby town
79.Make lemonade
80.Watch a classic movie
81.Sleep in
82.Stay up late
83.Celebrate National Waffle Day on August 24
85.Lay on a blanket outside and look for falling stars
86.Visit the library again
87.Host an ice cream sundae party
88.Pick flowers
89.Visit the new Legoland in New York
90.Take lots of photos and make summer journal
91.Have a back to school shopping day
92.Donate school supplies to those in need
93.Have kids choose and make dinner and talk about all the memories we made this summer

What's on your list?? 


  1. This is such a wonderful summer list!! It's everything you think of when you think of summer fun. Thanks for linking up to the Summer Bucket List Party and have a great summer!

    1. Happy to be part of Little Wonders in a small way. I love the blog. Happy Summer!

  2. Jen your blog is great I enjoy it so much especially the photos