Monday, May 20, 2013

Reason to Believe


Read aloud the words above, what does it say?

Read on....

Last week was a long week. Both of my kids were feeling sick, allergy season at its height in our home. Many rainy days and just trying to get work done while lacking sleep. I guess there are just those times in life when it is not as easy to feel joy or to feel inspired to make the most of each day. This is the journey of seeking happiness and goodness in each day that sometimes challenges me.

Yesterday, Scarlett received confirmation in our church. Suddenly all that gloom of last week was melted away, and by the way it was raining again. Ten special young people in our church chose to be confirmed and proclaim their faith in God. Our pastor made the service very special by speaking about the wonderful traits of each child. He described my daughter as someone with pizazz who adds a special enthusiasm to our church community. Everyone had a laugh. Anyone who knows Scarlett knows she usually stands out in a crowd and brings a little extra"pizazz" to any group. He spoke of her inner and outer beauty and how she cares for others. It was a wonderful moment as a mother.

Written on the Confirmation program were the words: GODISNOWHERE

He asked someone to read the words out loud to which she replied:


He spoke how sometimes it does feel that way, with all the tragedies we hear about each day, with all the people struggling in life, with all those hurting...

But then.... He spoke about my daughter and the nine other young people standing up on their own to say they believe in God and that they will choose to live their lives according to His way.
He said, no, it is not GOD IS NO WHERE


There is hope and love and joy in the world
 There is a reason to know GOD IS NOW HERE

One of my reasons to believe


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