Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Great DiCaprio

For mother's day my daughter and I went to see The Great Gatsby.   What a treat.  First, I must admit Leonardo DiCaprio is my Hollywood crush.  Watching him alone on the big screen is enjoyable enough for me.  To add to the enjoyment, this movie was filled with so many beautiful things, it was visually stunning.  The costumes, landscapes, mansions, and city sights were all spectacular.  My daughter and I both agreed we would love to wear every dress in the movie.  The party scenes made you yearn to be part of the experience with the music adding to the appeal.

A story of love, hope and the human spirit, The Great Gatsby was a Great Time.
The Movie Trailer 
My top five Leonardo DiCaprio movies:
1. Titanic 1997

2. Catch Me If You Can 2002

3. Romeo and Juliet 1996

4. The Departed 2006

5. Shutter Island 2010

...If you have never scene What's Eating Gilbert Grape, released in 1993, it is a must see!   DiCaprio's performance is powerful. 

So who is your Hollywood crush?  

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