Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Enjoy the moment

"Like a stop watch, let's stop time and enjoy this moment"

                                                                        Pitbull-Feel This Moment lyrics

So living in a home with a 12 year old daughter about to be 13 can be challenging at times.  It is amazing how their moods can change so quickly and how cranky they are at times.   Scarlett and I have always had a special closeness, yet this pre-teen experience, well let's just say it is an experience. 

Tonight, after I put Phoenix to bed, Scarlett called me into her room.  She said, "Mom, come tuck me in."  Now, I will admit it took many years for Scarlett to go to sleep on her own.  I would lay with her, sing songs or tell  a story to put her to sleep.  In fact, there were plenty of nights when she was 8 or 9 when she would land up in my bed.  Those days have long past and Scarlett has now come to enjoy the privacy and time she has in her room alone.   Sooo, when she called me into her room I went to say good night again.  I laid in the bed with her and put my arm around her.  She turned to me and said, " I hope we are always close to each other like we are now."  I with great certainty said, "We will be."   She turned her head closed her eyes and was soon asleep.  

 I laid there for awhile just enjoying the moment.   How fast the past 13 years have gone by.     How much we have been through together.  I am so happy and lucky to be Scarlett's mom and happy and lucky to know she feels the same. 

My baby girl always 

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