Friday, June 21, 2013

Blogger 101

So I have become frustrated.  I have not posted in the past few days and I have spent the past week trying to learn some blogging skills.  I have tried to create a blog button with little success.  I was able to create a simple button but don't seem to be able to make it so others can grab my button. 

I have begun teaching myself how to make photo collages or to add text or images to pictures, but I must say it is not as easy as I would have thought.  I am trying to create my own heading, but again not going so smoothly.    I still haven't come to understand how to get my blog "out there" for others to view.

To add to the frustration, somewhere along the line while downloading a photo tool, I picked up a virus on my computer.    I have enjoyed the past two months of blogging, however after a few days of challenges I have come to question my computer abilities.  However, I am getting back in the saddle as they say.  My plan is to continue to try to learn new tools and tricks each day and to work toward the blog I envision. 

So to all my blogging friends, how did you come to create and share you blog?    Was it challenging at first?  Any suggestions for this struggling newbie? 

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  1. missed you Jen keep trying you will succeed as usual.