Sunday, June 2, 2013

What's in a Name?

So we have been in our new house for a year and a half and we have been talking about naming our home.   It feels right to give our space a name.   We plan to spend many years here and our home is where we spend most of our time and where many memories are made.  It is an important part of our lives and it deserves a special name. 
 Naming my children was a very important part of parenting for me.   It is the first "label" our children would have.  It is something they would use to represent themselves throughout their life.  We were far from "traditional" in our namings.  We wanted our childrens' names to have signifance. 

We named our first child, our daughter, Scarlett Infinity Hope.

 She is named after Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind.  Scarlett was a beautiful strong almost stubborn woman who has always been my favorite character.   Hope, sometimes referred to as the opposite of despair, is an important part of our outlook in life.  Infinity, chosen by my husband, allows her name to represent hope forever. 

Our second child, our beautiful son, who we lost at seven weeks old, we named Roger Jor-El.   So, I guess we did go the traditional route naming our son after his father.  Jor-El is the father of Superman, again a strong character we love.  Oh how we miss you Little Rog. 

Our third child, our wonderful gift of new life, we named
 Phoenix Kal-El.  

The Phoenix bird, a mythical creature, symbolizes rebirth.  It is said only one Phoenix bird lives at a time and after it dies it burns to ashes and a new bird rises from the ashes.  His middle name Kal-El, is Superman's original name given to him by his parents.  Our son Phoenix is our new life and truly our super hero. 

The Phoenix

How did you choose your children's names? 

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