Monday, June 17, 2013

Two year old fun

It is so much fun watching Phoenix explore and learn new things everyday.   He loves to play with water, he has taught himself to turn on the hose which in turn has led to each of us getting sprayed by him.   He loves to play with sand and pick flowers.  He loves ducks and asks each day if we could buy one.  He loves playdoh (what kid doesn't), bubbles, balls and stickers.  He has begun playing with his cars,planes and little animals on his own,  making the sounds of the cars and animals, so cute!!  We have recently begun doing more artwork with him painting, drawing and just recently he used glue for the first time.  He loves to hang  his artwork on the refrigerator and sometimes he will just draw a quick squiggle and say"hang it up", anxious to see it on display. 

And of course he loves his big sister, mimmicking everything she does!!

Our sidewalk chalk road
Bubble fun 
Water Water Water
 Sand time
He loves the glue stick 
As you see from the last three pics from different days he loves his orange shirts too!!!
Our latest art display
 Monkey see monkey do

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